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The KLUBB board 2018




Name: Ingrid Backan
From: Rengsjö, Sweden
Studies: Library and Information Science
Position: Chairman
2 facts about me: Obsessed with the colour red. Favorite animal is cat.





Name: Nicky Mickos
From: Espoo, Finland
Studies: International Administration- English
Position: Treasurer
2 facts about me: My friends identify me as an extra extrovert. I got a bunny (named Xena Cleopatra Johansson) and she’s exactly like me.






Name: Ida Soininen
From: Forsheda, Sweden
Studies: Library and information science
Position: Secretary
2 facts about me: I am legally blind which is ironic since I’m the secretary. Eats everything with a spoon (that includes popcorn).







Name: Albert Wendesten
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Studies: Music production
Position: Board member
2 facts about me: I have spent more than 600 hours watching How i met your mother. I don’t trust people who drink their coffee with milk.







Name: Elin Petersson
From: Bromölla, Sweden
Studies: Cultural Leadership
Position: Board member
2 facts about me: Loves to bake and might do it at 2am. Has a lizard (leopard gecko) named Jessie.