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KLUBB is a non-profit organization. KLUBB was founded in 2002 and is politically and religiously impartial.

Since it’s start the organisation has arranged a lot of different events and trips for our members. For students at Linnéuniversitetet KLUBB is amongst other things a platform were they can practice and share their skills with each other a longside of their studies. As an example, every year we arrange a cultural festival  on campus that goes under the name “KLUBB-festivalen”.

KLUBB is simply a student organisation for you that loves culture in all forms.

Do you have any tips to us or are interested in playing/performing/exhibit or just do something creative? Don’t hesitate to contact us!



Fotografi taget av Gunilla Rydén på en av KLUBBs medlemsfester med temat “Barnprogram”, 2012.