Hello and welcome to KLUBB!

Have you been accepted to any of the following programs?

-Cultural Leadership
-Design + Change (international program)
-Music Production
-Library Sciences

We are KLUBB – a killer group of culture leaders, designers, musicians and librarians. Our association stands for inclusivity, acceptance and freedom. We hope that you want to be part of this and join us for this years Introduction Week/Kickoff!

To be a part of this intro week will cost 500 SEK.
That includes a membership (100 SEK), scheduled food during the week, a dinner party ticket, fika (if you don’t know the word yet, its a great thing, we promise!) and also materials.

Payment details are included below:
Account number : 984 094 248-7
Clearing number: 8 169-5
Bank: swedbank
Mark your payment with your full name, After that, send an email to confirm your payment to
klubb.lnu@gmail.com with the following information:
Social security number:
Phone number:
Allergies or special foods:
Program you will be attending

OBS! Mark your email with ”KLUBB Introduction week 2017”
Last day to sign up and pay is August 16th!

We’ve also made a preliminary schedule for the intro week (which might be subject to change). When Klubb doesn’t provide any food you can bring your own lunch box, which you can put in the mentors fridges if necessary. If you haven’t had the time to cook there is also a MAX (a swedish hamburger chain like McDonalds), or a couple of supermarkets (Willy’s and ICA) not far from campus.

KLUBB is an association that is alcohol and drug free. That means that we will not provide our members with alcohol. Our standpoint on alcohol is that you can choose for yourself how much, or if you would like to drink, but we would never force anyone to do it. Some people in KLUBB love to drink, some drink a little, and some people don’t drink at all. The point is that it will be your own choice. So if you would like drink, you will have to bring your own alcohol and then you can drink as little/much as you would like.

So, here’s the schedule:

We’ll meet up by the Trumpet statue (next to the Library) at 10 am. After that there will be a short introduction by KLUBB and everyone will get a chance to introduce theirselves to each other. You will also be divided into groups with mentors, these groups will be your team the entire week! In the afternoon we will provide you with ”fika” and play some games with challenges around campus. In the evenings there will always be an optional afterparty by our KLUBB tent.

Time for some more challenges for the teams – but this time in the city centre. We’ll meet up again in the afternoon for games and a BBQ night (food provided by KLUBB). At night our mentors will open up their homes to you in our mentor apartment crawl, where you’ll visit the different apartments together with your group.

We will start the day with a visit to Linnéstudenterna where you can buy memberships that you will need throughout the semster to be able to access the student pubs. A one year membership will cost you 275 SEK and for one semester it is 150 SEK. This is something that you pay for yourself. In the evening there will be some more activities by the KLUBB tent, aaaand live music!

We’ll start the day with a brunch (provided by KLUBB), so take it easy on the breakfast this morning. In the afternoon we will meet up again for some optional pre-drinks (as always you bring your own beverage) before we head out to our ”finsittning” at Kristinas. Sittning is a dinner party where we eat dinner, sing typical student songs and play games.
”Sittningar” almost always has a theme, and a ”finsittning” means that it is a sittning where we put on our nicest clothes. The ticket for the ”sittning” is included in the price you pay for the whole Introduction Week.

Lunch provided by KLUBB, followed by some activities and games around campus.

One last ”fika” with your groups (provided by KLUBB). We’ll hang out in the afternoon and later on take down the tent and clean up. Saturday night will be the end of our Introduction Week, so you will have the whole Sunday off to prepare for the first day in school.

You will get a more detailed schedule when we meet in person.

So, we will meet up at Trumpeten (located just next to the University Library) at 10:00, August 21st. We can’t wait to see you, hope you’re as excited as we are!

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