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Here you’ll find what fun events KLUBB is planning in the nearest future. Keep an regular eye here or on our Facebook page for the latest KLUBB news!


Apartment Crawl
Is the autumn weather getting you down?
Come with us, hang out and play some fun games and at the same time get a peek at what it’s like to live at campus! Cozyness guaranteed!
When: Saturday 6th of October 18:00
Cost: Free for members! 20kr for non-members!
Where: We’ll meet up at the trumpet outside the H-Building’s main entrance!
Fika? Snacks will be provided but you’ll need to bring you own drinks.
Movie night
Movie lover or causal watchers alike, we welcome you for a night of film and discussion! Take a moment to sit down with some wonderful people and maybe you’ll discover your new favourite movie or get a new perspective on an old love.
When: October 10th 18:00
Cost: Free!
Where: Weber, K Building
Fika? Popcorn for all!’
Bowling night

Join us for some classic rounds of swinging heavy balls towards some unexpecting pins. Bowling, we’re going bowling at Knock ‘Em Down! Sign up now and join us for an evening full of fun! Sign up by swish or bank transfer AND send an email to klubb.lnu@gmail.com with your name! More info on FB.

When: October 16th, 18:00 meetup, 19:00 we start playing

Cost: 55kr for members and 65kr for non-members
Where: Knock ‘Em Down (in Växjö-city)
Fika? Sadly no fika by us but Knock ‘Em Down have a wonderful range of drinks and food.
Ticket sale!!!
Come come! Ticket sale for Halloween sittning!
When: Wednesday 24th of October
Time: To be announced!
Where: To be announced!
Extra annual meeting
Changes are in the making!
We are welcoming all of KLUBBs members for an EXTRA annual meeting! Here we will give you an update on the latest KLUBB news and a look in to this whole thing works. This is also your perfect chance to directly bombard us with your ideas and questions, we want them all!
When: Wednesday 31th of October 
Cost: Free
Where: Weber (K1009)
FB event: ….Loading….
Fika? Yupp



Halloween sittning/dinner

Would you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see!

Spooks and foods has always been a great combo and a tradition here that we plan to up hold. We welcome all you creatures of the night to a petrifying party full of frightening fun, ghostly games, fantastic food, and creepy creatures.
When: Friday 2nd October
Cost: ….Loading….
Where: ….Loading….
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Fika? Nope, but enough food to last you until the horsemen come.