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Here you’ll find what fun events KLUBB is planning in the nearest future. Keep an regular eye here or on our Facebook page for the latest KLUBB news!


Return of the movie night
Movie lover or causal watchers alike, we welcome you for a night of film and discussion! Take a moment to sit down with some wonderful people and maybe you’ll discover your new favourite movie or get a new perspective on an old love.
When: November 14th, 18:00
Cost: Free!
Where: Weber, K- House
Fika? Popcorn for all!
Ticket sale!!
The second chance to secure your tickets to the Christmas-sittning! We will be in the K-house between 11:00-13:00! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to start the christmas spirit and hang out with some nice and exciting people!
When: 20th of november, 11:00-13:00
Cost: 110 kr
Where: K-house
Fika? No 🙁 But if you ask nicely you can get a hug <3
As Halloween is over and the days are getting darker and shorter let us bring the light and warmth to you with a wonderful collaboration with the wonderful VISKA! We invite you all to a sparkling evening all in the Christmas spirit, with food, song and dance!Buy your tickets at 20/11!
When: 30th of november, 17:30
Cost: 110kr
Where: Slottstallarna
Fika? No but food that will last ‘til easter!