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Is a non-profit organization for and by students from kulturledarprogrammet, musikproduktionsprogrammet, songwriting programmet, bibliotek och informationsvetenskap and design+change., KLUBB is simply a student organisation for you that loves culture in all forms. KLUBB was founded in 2002, is politically and religiously impartial and has since it’s start arranged a lot of different events and trips for our members. Our ambition is to give culture to the people. As an example, every year we arrange a cultural festival that goes under the name “KLUBB-festivalen”.

Webpage under construction!

Our webpage is currently under construction so things might be a bit messy right now. We apologise and will return soon with a fully up-to-date webpage with all the information you may need.

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Do you love culture? Become a member!

We are always looking for new members och we of course want YOU to join us! As a member you’re a part of improving and the cultural-life for student and all of Växjö and moving it forward. Together we arrange a bunch of different projects and are always open for new ideas. Contact us at and we’ll help you from there!

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